Tom talks about the important role the Public Service Commission plays in overseeing Montana’s “regulated monopolies” and how their decisions effect public safety, the environmental quality, and the pocketbooks of every Montana citizen and business. He also talks about his experience in the Montana state legislature and where some of the bodies are buried.

On August 8, 2019, at the Bozeman Public Library, Brian Fadie , The Clean Energy Program Director of the Montana Environmental Information Center, gave an informational talk titled WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH NORTHWESTERN ENERGY?
He was introduced by David Merrill of the National Sierra Club. It was followed by a lively question and answer exchange which featured among others, Representative Tom Woods (D-Bozeman), who is running for the Public Service Commission Region 3, the seat currently held by Roger Koopman, who is term limited and cannot run again. Heather Bellamy, who works for Northwestern Energy, took issue with some of the statements Brian Fadie made.